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Our Philosophy

Hungry Ghost Consulting is a performance-driven full-service WordPress consultancy. We offer Internet-based solutions and support, with a particular emphasis on the open-source WordPress content management system. Our goal is to provide our clients with everything they need to run successful online marketing campaigns, from website design and development to SEO, marketing, and analytics to training, maintenance, and long-term support.

Co Workspace

Founded in 2014 as Hungry Ghost Design, we have expanded our range of services to provide more value to our customers. Merely having a website is no longer a viable solution for marketing a business online. The competition between brands for top ranking on search engines and the abundance of available marketing channels makes it almost essential for companies to outsource the building and maintaining their digital infrastructure. Our clients trust us to design, develop, and support their websites and digital marketing efforts. Expert WordPress and WooCommerce SEO, branding, and digital marketing through all channels is now a significant component of our comprehensive services. At Hungry Ghost Consulting, we strive to be the only digital company your business will need.

Hungry Ghost Consulting also strives to help our clients become self-sufficient. Paying for continuous website maintenance and support, and ongoing SEO and marketing services is a financial hardship for many businesses. We have no trade secrets; our process is entirely transparent. We’re happy to share our expertise with you. We provide in-person training for individuals and groups, personalized video tutorials, and how-to manuals on every aspect of WordPress, SEO, and digital marketing. We want you to be confident and efficient when running the digital side of your business.

Hungry Ghost Consulting is the brainchild of Erik Jonsberg. After receiving a BA in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts, he went to work as a field and lab technician. He specialized in statistical analysis, computing for archaeology, and the archaeology of capitalism in early America.  He also worked as a forensic anthropology consultant for the Massachusetts State Medical Examiner’s office. He later earned his MSW in clinical social work and addiction studies from Boston College. He spent over a decade helping people learn to help themselves.

Erik built his first website in 1998 and continued to refine his craft as a hobby until 2013 when he retired from social work to pursue a career as a web developer. Since then, he has expanded his repertoire of skills into WordPress, WooCommerce, copywriting, digital marketing, and SEO. Drawing heavily on his background as an archaeologist, statistician, and clinician, Erik brings a unique people-centered perspective to Hungry Ghost Consulting.

Erik works hard for his customers and his company
Buddhist monk meets the fire breathing hungry ghost

How We Got Our Name

Many of our clients ask about our name. The Hungry Ghost, or preta, is a figure from Buddhist mythology with an insatiable appetite. A Hungry Ghost is always hungry but can’t consume any food or drink because its throat and mouth are too small. According to some Chinese Buddhist traditions, desire, greed, anger, or ignorance can lead someone to become a preta. Essentially, the Hungry Ghost is a metaphor that reminds us to pay attention, remain humble, be open to new ideas, and make do with what we have. We bring this attitude to our work and our relationships, which is why you get the very best, most professional, and remarkably compassionate service from our experts. We treat every client like they’re our only client.

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