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What is a WordPress theme

Themes are what gives structure to a WordPress installation. They provides the look, feel, and functionality of your website.

A WordPress Theme includes:

  • site design
  • styles
  • typography
  • colors
  • page and post layout templates
  • archive templates
  • custom post types
  • custom fields
  • forms
  • animation
  • additional stylistic and functional details

Choosing a theme

WordPress comes with several default pre-installed themes, and you can browse the thousands available in the WordPress Theme Repository. You’ll find themes there to help you achieve almost any style or layout for your website. If you’re on a budget, a pre-built free or premium theme makes sense.

However, prebuilt themes only get you so far, and there are frequently situations where a custom-built theme or custom modifications can solve a particular problem better.


Most pre-built themes come with various options that can be changed to alter the look and feel of the site. Depending on your choice, there may be many options or only a few. No will meet your exact requirements out of the box.

That’s where Hungry Ghost Consulting comes in. We have the experience and know-how to customize nearly any pre-built theme to suit your unique requirements.

If you want to go a step further and create a theme that is 100% you, then we can build a completely custom environment that reflects your brand perfectly.

Check out our design and development packages or give us a call @ (413) 376-5947


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