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The process of building ecommerce SEO is mostly the same as general SEO. However, we put a lot of emphasis on leveraging the uniqueness of your products and product categories.

Ranking for generic keywords like “women’s clothing” is nearly impossible. You’ll never get past Amazon or Walmart. But with careful research, we can help you figure out the longtail keywords that will get you noticed in product searches.

We also help you figure out how to structure your categories. Just like your products, categories must be organized around longtail search terms. So, your product keywords extend your categories and your categories clarify your products.

Product ratings are another critical aspect of ecommerce SEO. Structured data markup allows you to place star ratings under product links in search results. If your store doesn’t have a way for customers to leave reviews, you’re missing out on a big chunk of SEO. We make sure you’re getting reviews and that they appear in search results.

Having the rest of your website optimized for your product and category keywords is also essential. We do a thorough site audit and help you figure out how to get them into your copy.

Hungry Ghost Consulting focuses on making sure your products stand out in organic search results by fully optimizing your online store. We also help extend your reach by optimizing customer reviews, finding high-quality backlinks, and linking your products to social media.

Our ecommerce SEO includes the same best practices we apply to general SEO, plus...

  • Creating clean, short, descriptive URLs
  • Optimizing product and category page titles and meta descriptions
  • Making sure product keywords find their way into the rest of the website
  • Adding keywords to product tags and copy Optimizing product images
  • Linking the rest of your site to and from your product pages
  • Adding structured data markup, including name, location, contact info, hours, and especially product reviews.
  • Exhaustive keyword research.

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