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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing uses email to foster a relationship with potential customers, keep current customers updated about your brand, and offer incentives to inspire customer loyalty.

It’s a form of direct marketing that’s incredibly inexpensive and highly effective when implemented correctly. Roughly 85% of retailers use some form of email marketing, making it one of the most widely utilized forms of digital marketing.

Recent developments in technology, such as marketing automation, have refined and improved the ability of email marketing to reach both prospects and existing customers.

Why do Email Marketing?

Most importantly, it helps build trust with customers and keeps them coming back. It’s an efficient way to keep them informed about new products or services, promotions or sales, and update or news about your company. Email marketing maintains engagement with your customers.

Also, it’s the best way to nurture leads and turn casual website visitors into customers. Whenever a visitor signs up for your email list, you have an opportunity to reach out and convince them that your product or service it the best.

The ROI for email marketing is high because it costs very little to implement. You only have to pay for the marketing service and any consulting you choose to use. Marketing emails are already targeted towards your ideal customer because you’re only sending emails to people who’ve provided an email address. You don’t need to worry about advertising costs.

Tracking your campaign is a lot simpler than with complex website analytics. You can tell when people have opened your emails and how your open rate translates to website hits and sales.

Email marketing is not spam!

If a prospect or customer directly provides you with their email address, it is because they want to opt into your email marketing. You’ve tempted them with a promotion or coupon, and now they want to learn more. You’re not sending out cold emails to people or companies you don’t know.

Email marketing is content marketing. Just because someone signs up for your list it doesn’t mean they won’t unsubscribe. You have to give them excellent content. It has to have value. Whether it’s a promotion, coupons, or exclusive access to content not found on your website, you have to give them something in return.

How Hungry Ghost Consulting can help

We’ll help you build an email marketing campaign from start to finish:

  • Email service website integrations
  • Custom Content
  • Marketing automation
  • Branded email templates
  • List building
  • Customer retention emails

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