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What’s a landing page?

A landing page is a stand-alone web page where a business offers a resource in exchange for a visitor’s contact information. Information is collected using a lead-capture form or lead magnet, where visitors share details like their name, email address, or other information.

A landing page focuses on a specific stream of traffic, such as an ebook promotion. It targets just the people who want to download the ebook. The ebook, then, would include information related to a topic in which visitors are interested. Since you already know they’re engaged, you’re able to follow up with them on a specific topic and (hopefully) get them to buy a particular product or service.

There’s lots of content that you can offer on a landing page help visitors learn more about you or a specific topic. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ebooks and Whitepapers
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Online Course or Workshop
  • Event Registration
  • Free Trial or Coupon
  • Community Membership
  • App Download

The difference between website pages and landing pages

Your homepage provides a general overview of your company and might include several optional actions for visitors to take. Other pages on your website might be more specific, but they’re still more general than a landing page.

A landing page has no navigation, except maybe a home link in the logo. All of the focus is on completing the action. Once that’s done, visitors are directed to the specific page or section that includes the promoted product or service.

Channels that drive traffic to landing pages:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • PPC ads
  • Organic search results
  • Email newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Social shares

Why are they important?

Landing pages are an excellent way to capture leads that have a real interest in your products or services. Since traffic is coming through your landing pages, you already know they’re interested.

They help you quantify your site’s traffic. You can (and should) gauge the effectiveness of your content through A/B testing.

They’re also a great way to build trust and authority. The transactional nature of landing pages allows you to offer something of value to your potential customers. In this way, you let them know that you’re the best at what you do.

How Hungry Ghost Consulting can help

Our landing page development process begins with an eye-catching layout and content optimized to convert. We thoroughly test versions of your pages and use the one with the highest conversion potential. Then we monitor your campaign to make sure you’re getting the most leads and best results.

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