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What are WordPress plugins?

Plugins are a powerful feature of WordPress. They are modules you install on your website that provide additional features, functionality, or styles.

The functionality depends on what a particular plugin has been designed to do. There are literally tens of thousands of plugins available in the WordPress repository. On top of that, there are thousands of premium plugins available from vendors. Some plugins make small changes to your website like allowing you to tweak the page width of a post, while others provide significant functionality such as allowing you to sell products and take credit cards.

Plugins use hooks, filters, custom PHP code to perform their tasks. They make it easier for users to make changes to their website in specific ways. Many WordPress sites are built entirely with plugins, some rely on a combination of plugins and custom code, and others use one or more custom plugins to carry out tasks independently of the theme.

Why do I need a custom plugin?

Plugins are built for a variety of reasons. Frequently, the owner of a website might need specific functionality not found in existing plugins, require the functionality of several plugins to be condensed into a single package, or want particular tweaks for their custom theme.

Got a plugin that you like but it doesn’t quite do the job? We can modify many existing plugins to suit your needs.

Need a plugin for your next project? Hungry Ghost Consulting’s expert developers help bring the functionality you want into your site.

At Hungry Ghost Consulting, we create plugins that are secure, bug-free, SEO friendly, easy to integrate, compatible with most the most recent WP version.

Our plugin solutions will improve and extend the effectiveness of your website and help to leverage your web presence.

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