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Nurture leads & build relationships through social media management.

What is SSM?

Social media management involves creating, scheduling, posting, and then managing engagement on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. An effective social media strategy helps develop brand loyalty, creates buzz and excitement around your products or services, and drives traffic to your website. While social engagement doesn’t directly impact SEO, it augments your SEO tactics indirectly. There’s a positive feedback loop between your social media activities, your SEO, and your page rank.

Managing engagement is a key feature of social media management that sets it apart from other types of content marketing. Social media is a fantastic way to interact with prospects, customers, fans, and followers on a personal level. However, your engagement has to be strategic, and that’s why having clear objectives for your social media campaigns is crucial.

Hungry Ghost Consulting can manage your social media for you or teach you how to do it yourself.

We start with an audit of your current social media efforts

  • An inventory of all your social media accounts
  • A search of your brand to make sure your accounts are appearing in search results
  • Make sure all of your accounts are on brand, and the message is consistent.
  • Check the completeness of social profiles
  • Figure out which are your best performing posts
  • Use social media analytics to gather insights based on your mission statement and brand identity
  • Make sure that each of your accounts is reaching the correct demographic for the platform
  • Consider pulling back on profiles that aren’t relevant to your target audience
  • Centralize account ownership and posting access
  • Do this all again in 6 months to a year – it gets easier once we organize it.

Then we create a solid social media strategy for you

  • Set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals
  • Track relevant metrics – not likes, shares, and retweets – such as leads, referrals, and conversions
  • Create audience personas
  • Gather data about how your personas behave on social media
  • Look at what your competitors are doing on social media through competitive analysis and social listening
  • Optimize all social accounts
  • Create a social media calendar with a mix of posts aimed at specific goals
  • Test, evaluate, and track.

An excellent social media strategy involves having specific goals aimed at producing particular results. It’s not a random process. What you post, when you post it and to whom has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your strategy. it can be challenging to follow through on your social media marketing campaign. It can be challenging to follow through on your social media marketing campaign if you don’t have a dedicated social media or PR person on your staff.

Hiring Hungry Ghost Consulting to create and manage your campaign takes a lot of the pressure off. Our collaborative approach ensures that you get precisely the right message to your fans, followers, and customers.

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