WordPress Care and Security

Less stress. Less work. More peace of mind.

Why invest in a care plan?

To make your WordPress website a real powerhouse, you need to keep the whole thing running like a well-oiled machine. Not performing regular maintenance can hurt your SEO and leave your site vulnerable to attack.

Hungry Ghost Consulting takes the headache out of keeping your optimized and secure. We work behind the scenes to make sure that your site is running at peak performance 24/7.

We’re also here for you when things go wrong, and you need urgent care.

Fast Recovery

When your site goes down, you want it back up and running. Nightly backups of all your data ensure full recovery in a matter of minutes. WordPress Expertise

Bugs, site crashes, white screen of death? We’ve got the WordPress know-how to find the problem and fix it. Want to do it yourself? Just ask. Hack Recovery

In the unlikely event that a site is compromised, we do malware removal and harden it against future attacks. Security is our top priority. WordPress Maintenance

Sure, you could figure out how to maintain your car with enough effort, but is it a good use of your time when you have a million other things to do? You’ve got a business to run and wasting time diagnosing, researching, updating, and worrying about breaking things is probably not the best use of your time.

Leverage the expertise of Hungry Ghost Consulting’s WordPress professionals so you can do what matters most.

Having an online presence isn’t a set it and forget it proposition. Websites are living documents that must change over time to stay secure and search-friendly. Advances in technology, changes in your SEO strategy, and staying a step ahead of the hackers all require constant monitoring and maintenance.

WordPress Security

WordPress is a very secure platform, but because it’s the most popular CMS, it’s also the most targeted. Keeping core files and plugins updated, using strong passwords, and having secure hosting will eliminate 99% of the risk. But every website is unique and has different security needs. Hungry Ghost Consulting does full security audits, tells you where you’re vulnerable, and plugs the holes. For even more security, let us host your site on our secure servers.

We offer several plans that suit any budget and include many of the following features:s

  • SEO monitoring
  • Cloud backups
  • Performance monitoring
  • Links management
  • Technical Support
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Theme, plugin, and core updates
  • Site optimization
  • Security monitoring and site hardening
  • Complete malware removal
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Weekly reporting
  • Website edits

Check out our care plans or give us a call @ (413) 376-5947


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